A downloadable game for Windows

A game where you can accept the consciences for your action or hide from it .

Authorssara.u3d, ransan
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Extract the zip folder and play the game.

press [WASD ] to move the character, you can click on objects some are intractable.

Press [Tab] to open\close your mobile.

Hint:  at some point you'll need to check the 1- calender  2- the whispers outside the window 3- the paper.


sonar_zanga7.zip 131 MB


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wow amazing game ! its like the idea of resident evil 

nice graphics, sound, movement and everything

good luck <3 

Thank you <3!!!! I will be working on it hopefully the story will make sense in the next update!

I really liked the sound design , I was really lost in the beginning and somehow I ended up outside (I was checking the phone and suddenly I was outside), I went to the other place but I didn't know what do and that's how far I in I got. A mysterious game I liked it  I hope you can explain it to me after the jam :P

:P in our heads the plots was so well executed. but we need to add more material\puzzles and explain it better

this is the gameplay video, i hope it will be clear (plot explained in the newspaper 3:20)

  ماشاء الله الثيم مررا عجبني وتطبيقك للفكرة والقرافيكس بالتوفيق 💪🏻💕